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With our experienced staff,
we are always seeking the best in production
We continue to work for delivering the best.


In our ongoing journey since 2000, we continue to work by seeking the best in production in every field we operate. Furniture project manufacturing with our experienced staff,

We are proud to sign industry-leading projects in the fields of domestic and international project design, manufacturing and assembly, packaging and packaging, automation and cabling and Tiny House manufacturing.

As Akalın Ltd, we carry out general space applications with five-star hotel design applications and V.I.P Airport Lounce design applications in project design.

We work with the leading organizations of the defense industry on packaging and packaging. Our pioneering activities continue in anti-static packaging and packaging of sensitive ammunition and parts. In addition, Tiny House project design and manufacturing, which has rapidly increased in demand all over the world in recent years, is among our current works.

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